Embedded Software Engineer
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The Role

As a member of our Payload Hub team, you will be helping build a Universal Payload Adapter that Loft uses to fly and operate a wide range of payload types, to help our customers collect global-scale information about the Earth.

The Payload Hub is a flight hardware unit with a high reliability and continuous operation profile. It provides hardware, firmware and software based functionality that involves the physical and protocol level interfacing with different payloads/instruments on one side and the satellite platform on the other.

Since high flexibility and versatility play an important role, the Payload Hub is software-centric and supports on-ground and in-space re-programmability. Loft Orbital will be utilizing the latest technology available for the PICU, which includes a mix of existing and next-generation component and processor technology.

If you are passionate about building technology that will fly in space and joining a small team that is building a disruptive technology from scratch, this is the role for you!


  • Must be scrappy and inventive: what you will be building has never been done before
  • Be prepared to be challenged and sometimes work out of your comfort zone
  • Willingness to be accountable, autonomous, and take full ownership of projects
  • Preferably experience with software/firmware developed for safety-critical applications or software developed for aerospace
  • Awareness and understanding of mission-critical systems and related software impact
  • Current on software development processes, technology and tooling
  • A preference for agile yet process-controlled software development
  • Ability to code and document (wherever possible electronically and in-line) in a structured way
  • Ability to work both independently as well as part of a multi-disciplined team
  • Ability to learn and adopt to new technologies
  • Demonstrable history of thinking outside-the-box, without losing sight of reality
  • Experience working in both a Windows and Linux environment

Embedded Software Experience:

  • Extensive experience in C and  C++ and preferably one other structured language (non-scripted)
  • Experience with RTOS and time-critical software
  • Experience with SEU mitigation mechanisms
  • Experience with local and remote debugging concepts and tools
  • Preferably experience with hypervisor and/or container virtualization techniques
  • Experience in developing software for RTOS and embedded applications
  • Experience with hardware interfacing
  • Preferably experience in device driver and BSP
  • In-depth knowledge of different processor technologies such as:  ARM, PPC, LEON,  OpenRISC, SoC processors
  • Passion for upcoming processor technologies such as GPGPU / MPPs
  • Preferably knowledge and understanding of MPP/GPU processors and related (CUDA / OpenCL)

The role includes competitive compensation package, stock options, and full benefits (healthcare, vision, dental).