Current Openings

We are Loft. Our goal is to make space simple, affordable, and timely.

Loft delivers the data customers want from space, whether it starts with their payload or an idea for a dataset. Loft has designed flexible satellite platform and operations module for multiple, varying instruments to reduce the time of satellite development, divide the launch and operations cost, and deliver high quality data to the customer.

We are building a future where the cost and complexity of satellite programs are no longer barriers to accessing the benefits of space-based data.

We are globally-minded, and obsessed with delivering true value to our customers. Our people have a track record of rising to the occasion and carrying projects from start to finish under intense pressure. We are endlessly passionate about our work and we are hell bent on creating a revolutionary new model for accessing space, and building the most diverse constellation in history.

Join us at Loft to make space easier done than said.