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Spacecraft is launched and operated by Cockpit

Payload Hub is integrated to a satellite bus from inventory

Loft bulk buys satellite buses to hold in inventory

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Space is the ultimate high ground for collecting invaluable information about Earth. However today, satellite missions remain custom engineering projects that are technically complex, resource-intensive, and expensive.

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Loft aggregates customer payloads to our Payload Hub

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Loft Orbital is changing that. 

Our mission is to be the fastest, simplest, and most reliable path to orbit for any payload. We fly customer payloads onboard regularly scheduled satellites missions, and we handle the entire mission as a service. With Loft, our customers can focus on what matters most to them: their payload and the data it collects. 

Under the hood, we've developed the software and hardware products that make our satellite missions truly plug and play, eliminating years of painful design and engineering. With qualified, commodity satellite buses procured in advance and available off-the-shelf, we deliver payloads to orbit in months not years.


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Customer requests desired payload action via Cockpit's web app or API


Cockpit automatically generates a schedule of satellite tasks to execute request

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Schedule is routed via partner ground station to the satellite.


Onboard, the Payload Hub receives the schedule and orchestrates data collection

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Collected data is delivered to customer.

How It Works


Radically rethinking the business model of space.



Customers pay only for the spacecraft resources they consume (e.g. size, weight, power).

Turning CapEx into OpEx.

Payments are spread across the full lifetime of a mission.

Pay for performance.

A Service Level Agreement guarantees that customers only pay when they are satisfied.

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