Space Made Simple

Enabling any organization to affordably and reliably collect information about the Earth, from space.

A Turnkey, End-to-End Service

We are redefining how businesses and governments use space to collect critical data about the Earth.

Our mission is to make access to space simple, affordable and reliable. We building a future where the cost and complexity of satellite programs are no longer barriers to accessing the massive benefits of space-based data.

Our turnkey service addresses all elements of a space mission. You provide us with a payload. We deliver it to orbit and enable you to task it and access your data.

What We Do

The first end-to-end service that affordably delivers earth observation payloads to orbit on a high-performance, standard satellite platform.

Platform & Integration

Integration of the payload onto our satellite platform, sourced from our industry-leading manufacturing partners. We can fly multiple customers' payloads as a rideshare, or run a dedicated mission for a single customer.

Standard Interfaces

Our standard hardware interface efficiently accommodates multiple payloads on our rideshare missions, while our proprietary optimization algorithms ensure smooth operations of all onboard payloads.

Satellite Operations

Commissioning and routine operations through our global ground station partners. Our satellite operations dashboard enables payload tasking and access to data in near-real time, with unparalleled user experience.

Launch Booking & Integration

Integration of the satellite into one of our routinely secured and scheduled launch slots.

Finance and Insurance

Comprehensive and standard finance and insurance solutions to reduce risk and the financial barriers to accessing space.

Regulatory Compliance and Licensing

Our standard regulatory process ensures that proper spectrum, export, and remote sensing licenses are secured for all customer missions.

Our Team

Antoine de Chassy

Co-founder & CEO

Alex Greenberg

Co-founder & Head of Operations

Pierre-Damien Vaujour

Co-founder & Head of Product

Alissa Haddaji

Space Law and Policy Expert

Loft Orbital Advisory Board

Ray O. Johnson

NewSpace Industry Advisor

Former SVP and CTO, Lockheed Martin

Hervé Buchwalter

President, HBuchwalter Consulting

Former CEO, Airbus Defense and Space Geoinformation Services

David Anhalt

President, Blue Residuum Space Alliance

Former General Manager, Iridium PRIME

William Kahn

President, Kahn Partners Law Firm

Aerospace Industry Lawyer and Advisor

Mike Sokolsky

Founder and fomer CTO, Udacity

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