We Make Space Simple.
Loft Orbital operates microsatellites and flies customer payloads, as a service.
Space Made Simple.
Your mission, flown on our satellite
A new way to access space
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Today, access to space requires custom engineering driving high costs, unpredictable schedule delays, and increased risk.

Loft Orbital is changing that.

Our groundbreaking Payload Hub technology is a universal payload adapter that can fly any payload on a standard satellite bus. By unlocking standardization, Loft Orbital delivers unparalleled speed-to-space and reliability.

Our end-to-end service includes:

  • Satellite
  • Licensing & Regulation
  • Launch
  • Ground Segment
  • Financing & Insurance
Space Made Simple, without compromises.

Loft Orbital offers an end-to-end service that delivers your mission to orbit on a standard microsatellite bus.

Our high-performance spacecraft have extensive flight heritage and can accommodate the most demanding smallsat missions. We make space simple by handling all elements of the mission so our customers can focus on their mission, their data, rather than the complexity to get there.

In our disruptive business model, we push most of our payments to post launch, under a pay-for-performance service-level agreement. If we don’t perform, you don’t pay.

All Payloads Welcome

Our interface technology, the Payload Hub, can accommodate all payload and mission types, and remains satellite bus agnostic.

The Payload Hub decouples satellite and payload development, eliminating expensive and time-consuming non-recurring engineering, and unlocking reliability and never before seen speed to orbit .

Flying on a Loft Orbital mission, you pay only for the resources your payload requires, without compromises to mission performance or assurance.

Space Made Simple

We believe organizations should be able to avoid the complexity, risk, and cost of procuring and owning their own spacecraft.

An annual subscription covers it all: satellite bus, integration and test, launch, ground segment, satellite operations, licensing, and insurance. Our end-to-end mission service addresses everything needed to get your mission to orbit and support it once there.

With minimal pre-launch costs, fly with us and make space simple.

The Team

Antoine de Chassy

Co-founder & President, France

Alex Greenberg

Co-founder & COO

Pierre-Damien Vaujour

Co-founder & CEO

Paul Day


Pieter van Duijn


Marc Verstaen

VP Engineering

Lucas Brémond

Chief Architect & Satellite Operations

Andrew Berg

Business Development

John Eterno

VP Missions

Thibaut Miquel

Business & Corporate Development

Emma Vatine

Aerospace Engineering

Pierre Bertrand

Innovation Development

Robin Petitdemange

Software Engineering

Rémy Derollez

Software Engineering

John Murray

Satellite Operations

Henry Marshall


Edith Santacana

Software Engineering

Hélène Gourlaouen


Matthijs van Duijn

Software Engineering

Caleb MacLachlan

Satellite Operations

Marie Delpuech


Brian Bone

Business Development

Soyeon Yi

Business Development & Partnerships

Matt Yavorsky

Systems Engineering

Emilie Cousin

Legal & Contracts

Jocelyn Kevorkian

Embedded Software Engineering

Mary Grace Kalnay

Business Development

Gauthier Damien

Software Engineering

Mano Pakalapati

RF Engineering

Simon Lemonnier

Software Engineering

Greg Ball

Mechanical & Thermal Engineering

Bob Swarm

Software Engineering

Stefan Kienle


Amin Barahimi

Firmware Engineer

Guillaume Marcenac

Embedded Software Engineering

Charles de Cuir

Embedded Software Engineering

Marcos Zuzuárregui

Embedded Software Engineering

Brunston Poon

Software Engineering

Maria Magalhães

Embedded Software Engineering

James Parsons

Systems Engineering

Thomas Leonard

Software Engineering

Graham Gold

Senior Payload Systems Engineer

Mattia Fioraso

Front-End Developer

Etienne Vincent

Software Engineering

Bastien Arata

Software Engineering

Z Megyery

Senior Mission Manager

Ryan Sherlock

Satellite Product Lead

Adam St. Amand

Embedded Software Engineering

Mitchell Scher

Business Operations

Stéphane Desprez

RF Engineering

Garrison Burger

Mechanical Engineering

Laurent Riviere

Software Engineering

Laura Tessin


Pierre Duquesne

Business Development

Advisory Board

Ray O. Johnson

NewSpace Industry Advisor

Former SVP and CTO, Lockheed Martin

Hervé Buchwalter

President, HBuchwalter Consulting

Former CEO, Airbus Defense and Space Geoinformation Services

David Anhalt

President, Blue Residuum Space Alliance

Former General Manager, Iridium PRIME

William Kahn

President, Kahn Partners Law Firm

Aerospace Industry Lawyer and Advisor

Mike Sokolsky

Founder and former CTO, Udacity

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