Benefit from our resources already in orbit.

Virtual missions are customer-provided software applications that leverage our onboard sensing, compute, and connectivity Resources. Our onboard environment is AI-ready, with compute hardware that includes GPU acceleration for heavier AI workloads, such as image processing or change detection.


Step 1

Mission definition

You select the resources for your mission.


Step 2

Develop application

Our Virtual Mission Framework provides a containerized, cloud-based environment that allows our customers to develop their space applications on the ground and smoothly deploy them to our satellite fleet.

Step 3

Test application

Your application is tested within the framework and submitted to us.

Step 4

Validate application

We validate that the application is ready for flight and schedules your mission's deployment.


Step 5

Deploy application

You deploy your application to our space infrastructure via Cockpit.

Step 6

Complete mission

Your application leverages onboard Sensors, Compute and Connectivity Resources to execute your mission.

Adaptable on-orbit resources

Coming soon