Fly hardware on an upcoming satellite.


Fly a full satellite for your mission.


Fly a constellation with constant coverage and high revisit rates.


Step 1

Define your mission

Your mission requirements and necessary resources are captured in a standardized intake form. We collaborate closely with you to design your mission and establish the Mission Service Level Agreement (SLA) and schedule.


Step 2

Connect with the Hub

The Hub is a modular payload adapter that acts as the brain of the spacecraft; it communicates between your payload and the spacecraft bus to execute taskings and transmit your data back to Earth.

Step 3

Test and validate the mission

During mission development, we send you a Hubkit to validate your payload’s hardware and software interfaces to the Hub and ensure seamless payload integration to the satellite. Once compatibility configuration is complete, the payload is sent to us for integration.

Step 4

Reduce your time to orbit

We leverage off-the-shelf buses and Hubs from our inventory to reduce lead times.

Step 5

Payload integration and test

We integrate your payload to the satellite platform and conduct environmental and functional tests to ensure readiness for launch.


Step 6

Go for launch

Loft handles the entire launch integration campaign. We prebook launch capacity years in advance to assure a ride to space.


Step 7

Mission operations

After launch, we commission and operate the satellite, to let you task your payload using Cockpit, our mission operations software.