Jun 10 2024

Wyvern and Loft Orbital join forces to expand Dragonette satellite constellation

This post was originally published by Wyvern on their blog.


Today we are excited to share that we’re teaming up with Loft Orbital, a space infrastructure company, to expand the capacity of our Dragonette constellation.


Like Wyvern, Loft is unlocking the power of space for data collection with a deep understanding of how to develop, manage, launch, and operate the satellites that make up their infrastructure. This gives us seamless access to on-orbit satellites that gather the hyperspectral data our customers need.


We founded Wyvern because we firmly believe in the power of hyperspectral data with its ability to reveal the hidden reality of Earth and drive positive change. When you can identify specific geochemical signatures, you suddenly unlock the ability to address planetary-scale problems — and opportunities — across industries. From mining and forestry to energy and climate change, hyperspectral data provides unparalleled visibility. That’s why we offer the highest resolution hyperspectral imagery commercially available from low Earth orbit.


Our mission is set to fly on Loft’s second-generation satellite platform, which consists of the Longbow bus, derived from the flight-proven OneWeb bus and the Hub, a modular payload interface that allows for the turnkey accommodation of any customer mission. Wyvern will operate the mission using Cockpit, Loft’s mission operations software. With the ability to support 20-100x the downlink volume as a traditional cubesat, the expanded imaging capacity of Loft’s platform enables Wyvern to serve the growing demand for high-quality data.


Wyvern is grateful to work with the team at Loft and looking forward to our mission in 2024. With the right data and the right infrastructure, we’re unstoppable!


To learn more about hyperspectral imagery and how it can address planetary-scale problems, visit the Wyvern Knowledge Centre.

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