Systems Engineer
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The Role

Loft Orbital is hiring an Aerospace Systems Engineer to provide technical leadership on our satellite missions, from early phases of CONOPS design and system design to integration, test, and in-orbit operations. The breadth of this role spans detailed analysis and testing to the management of requirements and verification methodology.

As a Systems Engineer at Loft, you will work on multiple satellite missions simultaneously, each with a unique, multi-payload configuration. You will work cross-functionally across multiple Loft teams: satellite operation software, payload interface software, mission engineering and AIT.


  • Develop and maintain technical budgets for spacecraft performance.
  • Develop and manage system requirements and verification techniques.
  • Develop and evolve mission CONOPS, supporting the development of Service Level Agreements with Loft’s customers
  • Develop test procedures and participate in the integration and test campaign at our spacecraft manufacturer’s site
  • Assist with program management and product management.
  • Develop, in collaboration with team members, interface specifications, CONOPS definition, and other design documents.


  • We are hiring both more junior and senior engineers for this role. At the very least, candidates should have 5 years of experience in the aerospace industry
  • Demonstrated experience as a technical specialist on specific spacecraft subsystems as well as system-level experience
  • Demonstrated experience in small satellite assembly, integration and test campaigns
  • Experience in a fast-paced development environment.
  • Prior experience delivering a spacecraft to orbit and/or space-qualified hardware to a customer
  • Preferred: Experience on RF and/or Electrical subsystems
  • Preferred: Proficient with STK